When the red tape got in our way we found a pair of scissors and built Triptent - an agency where collaboration thrives and success is liberated. We do it all and we do it with guts, from creative strategy and ideation to production and post-production.

While our tent gets an upgrade
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Our model gives every client the flexibility to pursue their own path to success.

Need a full-time partner? We do that. Got a special project? We do those too.

This is your show, not ours.
And we want you to shine.

We are the sweet spot
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It's our religion. Producing work that delivers a maximum punch starts and ends with a strategy that's sharp, meaningful, and backed by qualified data.

Brand, Campaign, Content, Influencer Marketing,
Retail Experience


Our creative team is a collaborative group, expert in aligning knockout creative with strategic insights and business goals.

Advertising, Design & Identity, Art Direction, Copywriting, Digital Media Content


Our in-house post-production services guarantee that the work never leaves our hands. We said no to outsourcing so you could say hell yes to a cost-effective,
streamlined workflow.

Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Finishing, Audio, Clearance & Traffic